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Wes and Jami Baker are from small towns near San Antonio, Texas. They have four grown children living in the US and three with them in Peru. Wes and Jami have been on the field since the beginning of 2000. Wes is the team leader in Trujillo, Pastor at Iglesia Cristo Rey, and professor of New Testament and Systematics at the Areopago Cristiano.

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  • Basil's Hospital

    The Cappadocian Father Basil the Great (c. 330-379) was one of the greatest theologians, pastors and spiritual guides of the ancient Church. He is famous for heroically defending Nicene orthodoxy against Arianism.   Read More...

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    Healing, Compassion, and Kingdom Witness

    The following is the first part of a study document that Bethesda Healthcare is considering to guide our long term strategic planning. Several documents of the history of Christian medical ministry will follow. [Part 2: Ancient and Medieval] [Part 3: Renaissance and Reformation] [Part 4: The Enlightenment and Modern Medicine].* * * *Healing is a fundamental part of the Christian mission.   Read More...

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