Missions isn’t only for preachers! “Building the City of God in Northern Peru” requires all kinds of people with all kinds of gifts, talents, and training. We need gifted and dedicated people in the following areas:

  • UNIVERSITY MINISTRY Pastors, evangelists, and apologists serving with SUSA on one or more of twelve college campuses in Trujillo 
  • MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL Physicians, dentists, nurses, and administrators serving with Bethesda Health Association 
  • BANKING, FINANCE, OR BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL Stewardship Sinergia helping the poor build a financial future founded on the Gospel 
  • TEACHING English, math, science, and music teachers investing in the lives of children at Geneva School 
  • MUSICIANS Choral directors, instrumentalists, and composers helping us build a Christ-exalting musical culture throughout our communities 
  • VIDEO AND MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTION Videographers, and multimedia professionals helping our churches, seminary, and other ministries proclaim the Gospel and Biblical truth more beautifully and broadly 
  • COMMUNICATIONS AND SOCIAL MEDIA Writers, graphic design, and development professionals helping us extend the reach of the message in Peru, as well as helping us keep our international partners up to date.  Consider becoming part of a vibrant and growing Christian community that is bringing hope to Northern Peru.

    For more information contact Alleen McLain Tomás .