Hermes & Alleen Tomás

Hermes and Alleen Tomás are from Trujillo, Peru and Jackson, MS (respectively). Hermes has been with the mission since 2012 and Alleen since 2009. Hermes is the director of Economic Development, a leader in his church, Cristo Rey, and leads a small group in their home. Alleen is CFO of Peru Mission, serves on the board of directors for Geneva School where teacher training and helping create a kingdom school are her passions, and enjoys leading a Bible study for women in their home. Hermes and Alleen both enjoy welcoming our short term teams and visitors while Alleen coordinates visits to Peru.

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  • Can I Bring a Friend?

    About a year ago, my friend, Rebecca asked me if she could bring a friend to bible study.  Of course, I said, "Yes!" We love it when God brings new people to bible study or cell group. Her friend was Rose.   Read More...

  • They're Just Children

    “They’re just children”, is a phrase I hear often, whether at our school or in church, when  a child or several children are doing what children do, being too loud, running where they shouldn’t run, or making a mess with food, drink, or other things. Or it is cultural. .   Read More...

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