The Tomás Family

What Hermes does

  • CEO Sinergia
  • Deacon in Cristo Rey and Cell Group Leader
  • Short-Term Teams

What Alleen does

  • Team Administrator
  • Short-Term Teams

About Hermes and Alleen

Hermes is from Trujillo, Peru and Alleen is from Jackson, MS where she is a member of First Presbyterian Church. They met the first month Alleen was on the field and after almost three (3) years of friendship and courting, they finally said, "I do" and were married in March 2012. 

Hermes is a deacon at Christ the King Church and leads a gospel community group within the church. His background as a deacon in the church and working previously in sales made him a great fit to work in our Economic Development department as CEO of Sinergia. He is excited to work with the poor and not only meet their financial needs, but help them learn about meeting their spiritual needs as well. Hermes began playing music at a very early age and enjoys playing with his Peruvian folklore band, as well as being a part of the worship team at Christ the King church. 

Alleen serves Peru Mission in many ways, but her primary duties include Team Administrator and Short-Term Team Coordinator. As Team Administrator, Alleen oversees the day-to-day business of the mission such as budgeting, legal matters, and human resources (thus freeing up the pastors to focus more intentionally on their pastoral roles). 

God used a short-term mission trip to call Alleen to missions and specifically Peru; and so she especially enjoys planning and preparing for the dozens of teams that visit each year. Hermes and Alleen both host the Short-Term Teams throughout the year and provide them a view of God's kingdom and how He is reforming northern Peru.

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